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The True Israel Project. Will Your Church Be Involved?


At this moment, the terrible Israel vs. Hamas war rages on. Thousands have died. Adding to this dismal situation, many well-meaning Christians have responded with myriads of messages about how this awful war is supposedly fulfilling biblical prophecies foreshadowing a rapture initiating a 7-year Tribulation at the close of which will be a final assault against Jews—none of which is taught in God’s Word. To enlighten others in this time of global confusion, White Horse Media has developed a unique partnership with Remnant Publications, Project Steps to Christ, and Amazing Facts to print 1 million copies of my book, Israel and the End of the World. See for details. 

Here are 4 Ways you and your church can participate in this God-ordained project:

1. DONATE here to help Remnant Publications print 1 million copies. 
2. PURCHASE BOOKS directly from Remnant Publications (1-800-423-1319) at these special discount prices:

10 | $3.99
50 | $2.49
100 | $1.7 (100 in a case)
500 | $1.59
1,000 | $1.39
2,700 | $1.19 (half a pallet)
5,400 | $0.99 (one full pallet)

3. SPONSOR A MASS MAILING of these books through Remnant Publications (1-800-423-1319) into your church’s zip code or any zip code of your choice. 
4. SPONSOR A FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN IN YOUR AREA through Project Steps to Christ (1-800-728-6872) offering a free book to individuals. When people respond, PSC will mail a free book to those who request it and then give your church their addresses so you can follow up and develop friendships.  

More Key Details: These new books (with the new cover pictured above) will be printed by Remnant Publications in mid-January so #2-4 above can be fulfilled starting early February. At the end of each Israel book are additional ads where readers are encouraged to order these other books from White Horse Media: God’s Final Warning: The Three Angels Messages; Satan’s First Lie (exposing Satan’s false immortal soul theory), and The Truth about the Sabbath. Readers will also be invited to join White Horse Media’s Free Bible School at 

With so many people confused about the terrible Middle East war, we believe The True Israel Project is God-inspired to introduce tens of thousands of people throughout North America to The Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14:6-12. 

Please pray for The True Israel Project. Talk to your church leaders about sponsoring a mailing or Facebook campaign in your area.

Let’s take advantage of this unique opportunity to exalt Jesus Christ and His Present Truth messages found in His Word. 




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