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Satan’s First Lie: Exposing Global Myths About Death, Ghosts, and the Afterlife

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Product Description

A long, long time ago, before our world became infected by sin, a beautiful serpent perched himself among the colorful branches of a unique tree called “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (see Genesis 2:16,17; 3:1). Unknown to Eve-the first woman ever created by our loving God—that mysterious reptile was about to become a mouthpiece for a dark, masterfully deceptive, sinister being. When the creature spoke, its voice was soft, smooth, melodious, and mesmerizing. “You shall not surely die” (see Genesis 3:4), was its seductive message. Tragically, Eve believed the snake and chose to taste forbidden fruit.

This is how sin and death entered the human family.

Believe it or not, that ancient serpent’s message is now being repeated by nearly every religious teacher and religion on planet Earth.

But it’s a lie.

Satan’s First Lie will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery through the inspired pages of the Holy Bible. Although its message will probably be different from what you have previously been taught, the evidence it presents is thoroughly biblical, supremely sensible, and ultimately, irrefutable. As globally popular errors are exposed, you will find peace and hope about a fantastic future beyond the grave.

Available formats:
  • Softcover book
  • Kindle eBook
  • Nook eBook
  • Apple eBook

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