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Wohlberg On The Stew Peters Show Tackles Israel and Rome


Here’s some exciting news. This morning I was a guest on The Stew Peters Show (he has a very large audience) for 30 minutes discussing popular end-time theories about Israel, the Tribulation, a rebuilt temple, a red heifer, Antichrist, and Armageddon. During the interview, I explained how many popular Christian teachings can be traced back to Rome’s Counter Reformation to divert eyes from biblically-based Protestant teachings on Antichrist, to the Jesuits, to their false theories of Preterism and Futurism, to the teachings of John Nelson Darby, the Scofield reference Bible, the Dallas Theological Seminary, Hal Lindsey’s book, The Great Late Planet Earth, and to the popular Left Behind Series. “These are subtle deceptions contrary to Scripture and the words of Jesus Christ, Paul, and the New Testament,” I told Mr. Peters. 

Stew absolutely was open to all the Bible verses and information I shared. “We must have you back!” he said at the close of the interview. “Where do you live? Either I’ll fly to you or fly you to me so we can sit down and have an in-depth conversation.” Praise God! Please send up your prayers that God will lead, step by step. 

The interview was recorded. When it posts, I’ll send you a link. To learn more, read my book, Israel and the End: Separating Fact from Fiction. 

This battle against Satan and his end-time delusions is intense. But King Jesus will win. We deeply appreciate your prayers and support for our team here at White Horse Media. 


  1. Praise the Lord. I watch his shows here and there. It’s about time the remnant will get more opportunities to speak about present truths globally. Jesus is at the door.

  2. Thank you for being a faithful voice for the truth. Our prayers are with you and your ministry.

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