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Wohlberg Speaks 8x in Holland / Next WHM Live: Is Victory Over Sin Possible?


I just returned from a week of speaking appts. in Holland exposing popular myths about the rapture, Israel, the Jewish temple, 7-year Tribulation, Armageddon and the Godhead, plus giving two talks called “Be Wise with Your Money” explaining biblical principles of stewardship. The Holy Spirit richly blessed each meeting! During some down time, I also visited Amsterdam (the capital of Holland) where people ride bikes like we drive cars. 

I’m back home now, and thankfully, my jet lag is gone, so I’m ready for our next Thursday LIVE tomorrow, March 21.

My topic: Is Victory Over Sin Possible?

Join us if you can. Also, believe it or not, people are watching our Thursday Lives in Holland!

Keep looking up,

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