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Watch Pastor Steve and Dwight Hall (Remnant Publications) Discuss The True Israel Project


Watch my lively discussion with Dwight Hall (CEO, Remnant Publications) about the tragic Hamas vs. Israel War, deceptive prophecies about Jerusalem, Jews, the temple, Armageddon, and The True Israel Project guided by God to reach searching souls with Bible TRUTH about the Three Angels’ Messages in these end-times. 

With God’s blessing, 250,000 copies of my book, Israel and the End of the World, have just been printed! This is a special project, with special prices:

10+ copies: $3.99 ea.
50+ copies: $2.49 ea.
100+ copies: $1.79 ea (100 in a case)
500+ copies: $1.59 ea.
1000+ copies: $1.39 ea.
[For even larger quantities as low as .99 cents, contact Remnant Publications directly]

Order from White Horse Media by calling 1-800-782-4253, or online.

As millions remain deeply interested in events happening in Israel, now is the time to reach them with simple, powerful, Christ-centered Bible truth.

Now is the time to reach them with our new book, Israel and the End of the World

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