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White Horse Media Broadcasters Hotspot

The White Horse Media Broadcasters Hotspot provides access for television and radio broadcasters to download our programs for rebroadcast around the world. If you’d like to rebroadcast our programs, please create an account below to request access. Access will only be granted to actual stations and networks.

NOTICE: Up until now, all networks shared the same login credentials. If you previously were provided a login to White Horse Media Central, please create a new account below. The shared login credentials have been disabled. Everyone having their own accounts will allow us to see what programs are being downloaded by specific stations/networks and will give you the freedom to manage your own passwords and account information (Name, Station ID, etc.).

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To access our media files, please complete the form below. Your account will initially be pending review. Once your account is approved, you will receive an email verification and you will then be able to log in.

White Horse Media Broadcasters Hotspot Registration

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