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Next Thursday LIVE: April 8 Total Eclipse, A Day of Divine Judgment on America?


This Monday (April 8) will be a historic day for many North Americans as the moon perfectly aligns with the sun causing a rare total eclipse. An estimated 34 million Americans will witness the celestial show. “Cool!” the majority are probably thinking. Yet many others on social media are sounding an ominous warning about God’s judgments striking on that day because of increasing human wickedness. To discover what the Holy Bible says (and doesn’t say), join us on Thursday, April 4, at 4 pm Pacific Time for a Bible study plus Q&A. 

In case you missed them, here are two new White Horse Media videos posted on our YouTube channel:

All of these messages are of deep importance to each of us. 

We sincerely hope you are being blessed and encouraged by the ministry of White Horse Media—your trusted source for solid, Bible-based, Christ-centered end-time information. 

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