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God Using White Horse Media in Canada, Indonesia, India


Here are just a few snapshots of what God is doing through White Horse Media. Last weekend (Jan. 19,20), we were in Toronto, Canada, and held a seminar entitled, “Living in the Last Days,” at the Bronte SDA Church. The church was packed. An overflow room with a screen was set up, and extra chairs were placed in the lobby. Jesus was lifted up, and the Holy Spirit came down. What a blessing! Many responded to an altar call and came forward for Christ.

White Horse Media is also coordinating outreaching teams and missionary activities in Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. Below is a picture of Tim Saxton and Steave Mandang, a young businessman in Indonesia who came to Jesus through listening to White Horse Media programs. He now directs a supportive web ministry and translates our material into his native language to share them online.

In August of 2017, our White Horse Media Bible Instructor, Junie Lawson, traveled to India for the first time as part of a White Horse Media team. During that trip, she witnessed the powerful impact God’s Word had on the people, and had an opportunity to speak herself to various women’s groups. “I feel like I left part of my heart in India,” Junie reflected when she returned home.

A couple months later this word came: “There are 400 women in India who want to learn to be Bible workers.” As a Bible instructor for 29 years, Junie couldn’t resist this plea. If God can use me to ‘pass the torch’ to these women, Junie thought, many souls might be won for His kingdom. After wrestling over going back, and praying, she felt impressed to accept the call. This time she asked a young friend from church, Kayla Munson, if she would join her. “Yes!” Kayla replied without hesitation.

After much prayer, planning and preparation, Junie and Kayla traveled to the State of Orissa in India for the training seminar. Kayla shared her testimony and love for God with the young ladies in attendance, while Junie shared a 12-part series. These Indian women were eager, attentive and desirous to learn all they could. Several came to Junie and Kayla between meetings, asking for prayer because of various illnesses and problems.

At the completion of the seminar, great appreciation was expressed by the pastor, who wrote of “the wonderful work” Junie and Kayla did. “I felt the presence of God during the meetings. The Lord has richly blessed your effort during the training of our women here,” said Pastor Udai Chandra.

“The trip to India was a great privilege and blessing, and I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him,” said Junie. Please join us in praying that God will continue to bless and use these faithful ladies in India as they put into practice what they learned to lead others to Jesus Christ and the end-time truths of His Word.


  1. I was wondering do you have plans to come to the Portland, Oregon area in the near future? I could get you an appointment with one of the larger church in the area. Your presentation at Toronto, Canada “(Livining in the last days”) would be of an interest to me.

  2. Praise the Lord for His wonderful blessings in helping June and Kayla reach these dear women and for the other areas that you are going. Do you have bible studies or sermon talks prepared. I am hoping to go to Haiti soon and I would love to have some. I may have opportunity to share. I am praying for you all. Your sister in Christ, Sherry

  3. Thank you Pastor Steve for coming to Canada to present on Living Inthe Last Days. God used you in a mighty and powerful way to get the message across that the last days of earths history is coming to a close and that Jesus is in full control.

    To tell you the truth, I thought I was going to hear more about the beasts and what Satan was doing in the final days. But Praise God that your message was so Christ centered. All points refered back to Jesus and the revelation of His love and His victory.

    May the Lord continue to bless your team.

  4. Steve I would like to reach Greenland the country. No sda present there! No menbers. Could you help. Danish and Greenlandic they speak . Some speak English. Young people.

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