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US Anti-Semitism Rises. Thursday Live: New Light about the Mark of the Beast


Violence Breaks Out at Some Pro-Palestinian Campus Protests” is today’s CBS News headline. What a mess. Israel has a right to defend itself against evil Hamas terrorists, yet thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are dying due to Israel’s efforts to obliterate Hamas. At the same time, myriads of Christians view the State of Israel as the epicenter of end-time events. I don’t. But as a Jewish Christian, I abhor all anti-semitism against innocent Jews and Israelis. As a follower of Jesus, I also sympathize with the plight of Palestinians. Like I said, what a mess. This morning White Horse Media sent out this press release through ChistianNewsWire to national media seeking interviews about these controversial topics. Hopefully, some media will respond (like The Stew Peters Show did) and offer me a chance to clarify some of these issues—based on the teachings of Jesus Christ—straight from the Bible. Say a prayer. If you wish to support White Horse Media’s efforts to reach media and the public with God’s truth, you can donate here

Meanwhile, as the world witnesses such madness, the fearful time of the prophesied “mark of the beast” (Revelation 19:20) creeps closer and closer. Few understand the real issues. Do you? To learn more, don’t miss White Horse Media’s next “Thursday Live!” entitled, “New Light about the Mark of the Beast,” tomorrow (5-2-2024) from 4-5 pm Pacific Time. 

Let’s pray for people in Israel on both sides of this terrible conflict. 

I hope to see you tomorrow for our next Thursday Live!

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