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How to Handle Controversy. New WHM Resource. Next Thursday LIVE.


How should a Christian relate to a world filled with controversy? As we see so many news stories, media opinions, anti-this and anti-that YouTube videos, etc. etc. etc., I’ve been asking myself this question recently. First, we should avoid acting like certain ones Paul warned about who “neither understand what they say, or what they so confidently affirm.” 1 Timothy 1:7. Based on this verse, my advice is: 1) if you don’t know much about a certain issue, admit it, 2) Don’t claim expertise when you don’t have it. 3) Avoid speculation, 4) “Judge not, that you be not judged” (Matthew 7:1), 5) Point sinners to Jesus Christ and His love, 6) Be humble (see Micah 6:8), 7) Determine to represent our Savior in everything you do and say, 8) Don’t compromise, 9) Speak about what you are certain about, especially about what is plainly written in the Bible, 10) “Take only ways that are firm.” Proverbs 4:26. God’s Word is always relevant. “Heaven and earth will pass away,” our Savior said, “but My Words shall not pass away.” Matthew 24:35

New exciting resource for sharing God’s truth. After much prayer, editing, and hard work, Rob Knott’s eye-opening 18-part seminar, “Bible Prophecy and the Coming Crisis,” is now available as a 6-DVD set (thumb drives coming soon). Rob is my associate speaker. He travels frequently holding public meetings. Audiences love his messages! Each program is professional and includes stunning graphics. The first set of 18 life-changing messages on 6 DVDs is $99. Additional sets are only $59 each. Trust me, this fantastic 18-part series is perfect for home Bible studies and prayer meetings. Order now from White Horse Media.

Next Thursday Live (May 9, 2024), 4-5 pm Pacific Time: Participants deeply appreciate our regular Thursday Live events. Tomorrow’s topic is: The Beast Within. Don’t miss a deep, stirring, solidly biblical study into the character qualities of the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, and the Lamb (see Revelation 12:1; 13:1,11; 16:13; 17:14). 

Recent Testimony from our YouTube Channel: “Thank you for sharing with us! Pastor Steve led my family to the Bible truth through his book End Time Delusions and his video sermons on YouTube 14 years ago … Praise God for the work you are doing to save the lost. Keep the faith!!” Krystina Holliday

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I hope to see you this Thursday. 

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