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The Antichrist Chronicles

Multiple Formats Available

In The Antichrist Chronicles, Steve Wohlberg documents what the Bible and 16th century Protestant Reformers taught about “antichrist” in contrast to modern myths. Available in DVD and CD formats.



Product Description

In The Antichrist Chronicles, Steve Wohlberg reveals what both the Bible and 16th-century Protestant Reformers taught about “antichrist” in contrast to modern myths. Topics include: Antichrist in the Bible, Antichrist and the Rapture, Antichrist and The Falling Away, Antichrist and the Restrainer, Antichrist and the Reformation, Antichrist and the Counter-Reformation, Antichrist Denies Christ Coming in the Flesh, and much more!

**Note: DVDs and CDs of this title will be duplicated on demand and will be shipped in clamshell packaging only.

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  • Softcover book, 108 pages. **CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE**
  • 12-part series on 2 DVDs (in clamshell packaging only)
  • 12-part series on 6 audio CDs (in clamshell packaging only)

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1 review for The Antichrist Chronicles

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    Byron Penoyer

    Those who are searching for the perfect interpretation of end times teachings need look no further than this DVD series. Steve is the perfect teacher, who masterfully presents each point of scripture to help those of us understand what the Bible teaches regarding the unfolding of prophecy and prophetic events. He also helps end confusion of modern “pop eschatology” and mis-interpretation of end times teaching. You could easily use these for your adult Bible Studies, or youth group.

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