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End Time Delusions

Multiple Formats Available

End Time Delusions is Steve Wohlberg’s most popular book about Bible prophecy. Comprehensive and eye-opening, it separates fact from speculative fiction about the rapture, the tribulation, antichrist, Israel, and the end of the world. Available in softcover, CD, DVD, Nook eBook, and Apple eBook formats.



Product Description

Will true Christians vanish in a rapture? Will seven years of apocalyptic terror overtake those left behind? Will earth’s nations attack Israel at Armageddon? Bestselling books like Left Behind and popular apocalyptic movies predict such things. Are they correct?

End Time Delusions is Steve Wohlberg’s most comprehensive book on prophecy separating facts from speculative fiction and revealing what the Bible really teaches about Earth’s last days. Explores the rapture, the 7-year tribulation theory, antichrist, Israel, Babylon, God’s temple, Armageddon, the Protestant Reformation, Preterism, Historicism, Futurism, Islam in prophecy, the Ten Commandments, salvation by grace, the purification of God’s people from all traditions of men, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

A message “whose time has come.” As seen on TV (in DVD format). Great for sharing with neighbors and friends!

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  • Softcover book
  • 4-part DVD set (in clamshell packaging)
  • 4-part audio CD set (in clamshell packaging)
  • Nook eBook (purchased through external site)
  • Apple eBook (purchased through external site)


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3 reviews for End Time Delusions

  1. Avatar

    Bob (verified owner)

    This is an excellent book that does a superb job of clearly explaining from the scriptures and history that the majority of the Christian world today is greatly mistaken about the rapture, antichrist, Israel, and the events preceding the second coming of Christ and the end of the world. I view End Time Delusions as an essential book in the library of every informed Christian, and I simply cannot recommend it too highly.

  2. Avatar

    Mary (verified owner)

    If you have ever questioned the prophesy teaching you grew up with, or even if you haven’t, read this book. It is an eye opener written entirely with Bibilical references and footnotes from famous theologians from history. This is not an “this is what I think” kind of book. So well documented. An absolutely must read. I am using this book as a Bible study with five different people across the U. S. and is being so welcomed. One of the participants recently said, “ I have been lied to my whole life. Now I know the truth as the Bible records it.”

  3. Avatar

    Cheri (verified owner)

    As a long time Christian I thought I knew it all. I was surprised to learn new insights from my reading of this book. Well researched and detailed explanations in each chapter clarify current Christian teachings that may not be exactly what the Bible actually says. We’re living in a time where we need to know the truth as it is in the Bible! Buy two, one for you and one to share.

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