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Hamas vs. Israel War Fuels Global Prophecy Errors


On Oct. 7, which was the Sabbath, Hamas terrorists brutally attacked the state of Israel killing nearly 1300 Israelis and taking 200+ captive. It was heart-sickening. I hope you are praying for people there who surely need God’s intervention and help. Is this war fulfilling Bible prophecy? many are wondering. Will it lead to Armageddon? Discover biblical insights by watching our new 7-minute video unfolding key teachings from God’s Word. My eye-opening book, False Prophecies about Israel, Babylon, and Armageddon, explains the facts and is now available from White Horse Media. 

On the same day (Oct. 7), before we knew anything about what was happening in Israel, I spoke about True and Counterfeit Salvation in my home church in Spirit Lake, Idaho. Not only are people worldwide confused about Israel and Armageddon, but multitudes are also confused about what the Bible teaches about salvation. Watch this message to discover life-and-death facts you need to know.

Many of you have already ordered my newest book, Satan’s First Lie: Exposing Global Myths about Death, Ghosts, and the Afterlife. Others have asked, “When will Satan’s War Against the Godhead be available?” The answer is mysterious. Nearly 3 weeks ago, 4,000 copies were printed, but somehow—and no one can explain it—something went wrong with the printing process so all 4,000 books were defective and need to be reprinted! Personally, I see the devil at work to stop this book from reaching those who need it. The good news is that it should be printed again early next week. Please join us in prayer that nothing will stop God’s truth from reaching His people. 

On the positive side, my family is amazed at how wild deer in our backyard walk right up to us and eat apples out of our hands! Here’s a short video where you can see this with your own eyes. Won’t heaven be wonderful when all the animals are friendly, when pain and suffering are gone, when all wars have ended, and when the wicked devil is no more forever?

In this world of war and turmoil, let’s keep our eyes (of faith) fixed on Jesus who loves us and has a wonderful future in store for His children. 

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