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Fight the Devil With WHM’s New Book, Satan’s First Lie (Order Now)


Notice this August 24, 2023 article in The Washington Times. 

Are so many Americans really interacting “with dead relatives”? Or—and this is a frightening thought—is it possible that they are actually interacting with wicked “spirits of devils” (Revelation 16:14) impersonating the deceased? Unfortunately, those ghosts aren’t the dead, as I prove from the Bible in my newest book, Satan’s First Lie.  

Satan's First Lie

Imagine what would happen if nearly half of Americans read this book. Then their eyes would be opened and they would know what God’s Word really teaches about trying to talk to dead people (see Duet. 18:11, etc). After many months of preparation, hurdles, setbacks, and delays, I am thrilled to report that 5,000 copies of Satan’s First Lie arrived at White Horse Media yesterday. 

We quickly gave a copy to Dan, the truck driver, who was happy to receive one. 

The best news is that the cost is less than $3 per book! Here are the titles: Author’s Introduction; Chapter 1: Immortal Souls; Chapter 2: Seduced by a Serpent; Chapter 3: Barred From the Tree of Life; Chapter 4: Ghosts, Spirits, Devils; Chapter 5: Dark Encounter at En Dor; Chapter 6: What Happens at Death?; Chapter 7: The Resurrection Factor; Chapter 8: Absent From the Body; Chapter 9: The Thief on the Cross; Chapter 10: Moses and Elijah; Chapter 11: Souls Under the Altar; Chapter 12: The Hot Topic of Hell; Chapter 13: Will Hellfire Burn Forever?; Chapter 14: Eternal Flames Extinguished; Chapter 15: Worms in Unquenchable Fire; Chapter 16: The Rich Man and Lazarus; Chapter 17: God’s Infinite Love Revealed.

In the Garden of Eden, the very first lie the devil told Eve was that if she ate the forbidden fruit, “You will not surely die.” Genesis 3:4. In other words, instead of death being the wages of sin (as God plainly stated in Genesis 2:17), Satan promised Eve that she would naturally live forever anyway because she was naturally immortal. But this was a lie.

Satan’s First Lie exposes the devil’s deceptions that now “deceive the whole world.” Revelation 12:9. Easy to read, Satan’s First Lie not only explains what the Bible teaches about the nature of human souls, sin, death, hell, and the afterlife, but it also explains every major so-called biblical objection to the Bible’s plain teaching death, burial, and resurrection. With its intriguing cover, and because it was written for the public, it is also easy to share with practically anyone you meet. 

At under $3 a book, we hope you will order lots of copies, and share them widely, and in this way, you can do your part to kick the devil in the teeth by exposing his strong delusions. Above all, you will also introduce others to Jesus whose infinite love led Him to come down from heaven, to die on a cruel Roman cross (yes, He really did die), and to rise from the dead. Thus you can bring hope to lost, mixed-up humans about a God who really cares. You will also help protect them from being duped by demons disguised as dead people. 

Order online here.
Or call 1-800-782-4253. 

In order to distribute this book so inexpensively, we had to print a lot of them (10,000 copies), and we would really appreciate some donations to help us cover these costs. If God leads you, you can donate here

Let’s fight back against the devil by spreading the truth of God’s Word. 

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  1. Hello pastor Steve!
    I just received your book in the mail today, “Satan’s first lie.“ I want to say thank you, and I’ve read a couple chapters already and love it. I am grateful for the work and I definitely am partnership with you to circulate this. I love the approach God put on your heart to take with this.
    I hope you remember me, you came to my town a few years ago, La Center Minnesota seventh-day Adventist Church. I handed you $400 in an envelope and told you you inspired me to put together my book, Blasphemy of the Beast. You’ve always been one of my favorite pastors, and I’ve always been impressed with the way the Lord has worked in your life, your testimony is something that’s resonated with me. I have course have many things I struggle with, I know the Lord is still working on me.
    At any rate, great book and I read the entire outreach letter that came with the book. I will send my contributions through PayPal and also pay the offset for processing. God bless you and your family and your ministry! Let’s get the work done!

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