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New Exciting Interview with Shaun Tabatt. Next, Nov. 23 on Igniting a Nation.


God keeps opening doors for His Word. A few days ago I had another fantastic 1/2 hour interview with Shaun Tabatt about my book, Approaching Armageddon. If you watch it, you will see that we have moved the camera back so it easier for me to read straight from the Bible without being so close to the lens. Check it out. Special thanks to Jaime Galvez who created this set. It is fantastic to work with such a great team at White Horse Media. The Lord really blessed my time with Shaun. He will have me back on Dec. 9 to discuss more details about the USA in prophecy.

My next interview will be this Monday, November 23, at 8:00 am PT, when I will be the guest of Rabbi Eric Walker of the “Igniting a Nation” broadcasting network watched worldwide. That program will be live here, but if you miss it, I will post the link later. 

As I write this, my associate Tim Saxton is doing a live Zoom presentation (in his new studio right next to my office), and Dustin Pestlin is recording downstairs in our main studio. Our headquarters is like a beehive these days. Because we now have many presenters preaching God’s Word from the same building, we are enhancing our sets and equipment.

We appreciate your prayers as White Horse Media seeks to let God use us to teach His Word faithfully in these last days before Jesus returns.

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  1. Dear Pastor Steve:
    I want to tell you that your interview with Shaun Tabatt
    was excellent!
    You were on point and said what needed to be said.
    I very much enjoyed the interview.
    I too am excited about Jesus coming back.
    God Bless you,
    Donna Murray

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