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Alert about Fake Facebook Account


ALERT! There is someone on Facebook who is pretending to be me and is trying to scam people out of their money. When people friend the fake profile, the scammer then demands money in a private message and threatens “evil, tears, and sorrows will follow unless they live by faith and donate”. Below is a screenshot of the fake profile. They copied images from my public Page in an effort to trick people into thinking that it is my account. A tip that the account is fake is that I don’t publicly go by Steven Wohlberg. Also, the account is very new and has no friends or information in the About section. The fake account’s URL ends in “stevewohlberg.33” which is not the address for my public Page.

We have reported the fake account which already appears to have been taken down. If you get a Facebook friend request from me, know that it isn’t really me as I don’t send out personal friend requests. I also will never threaten people and privately demand money. White Horse Media only accepts donations via our website (, over the phone, in person at events, or by mail using our published contact info.

If you come across a profile that you think is fake, please report it to us at Thank you!

Fake Facebook Account

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