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My Recent Interview on the Cornerstone TV Network


In these momentous days before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, White Horse Media is very excited as we see God opening large doors for me to be interviewed by mainstream media about the end-times, current biblical signs, and the identification of the United States of America as the apocalyptic “beast” having “two horns like a lamb” predicted in Revelation 13:11. 

This is a picture of John Matarazzo, producer for the “Hope Today” show on the Cornerstone Television Network, broadcast on 112 affiliate television stations. As you can see from the picture above, my interview was scheduled on John’s calendar for Monday morning, November 9. We did this interview yesterday. You can watch the interview below by clicking the picture below. My part starts at about 6:30 on the timeline.

Believe me, these interviews are absolutely thrilling! Do I get nervous? Yes. But I always pray before each interview, then I just go forward and trust Jesus to give me the right words to say. In the above interview, we all prayed together before and after the program. Overall, this interview went very well and I was given the opportunity to share quite a bit from the Bible about current signs, America in prophecy, the battle of Armageddon, the return of Jesus, and the importance of being on God’s side in the Great War for our souls. At White Horse Media, we see these interviews as tremendous opportunities to share Bible truth with large numbers of viewers, and we hope that those who watch will become interested to check out our website, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to become interested in the many White Horse Media resources we offer to help people better understand and prepare for earth’s final events. 

FYI, we recently created an entirely new set (which you will see in the Cornerstone TV interview) which we plan on using for many more Zoom or Skype interviews. We purchased new background components, lights, a camera, and a microphone. We plan on continuing to update our equipment and sets in our studio so we can do God’s work more efficiently and professionally in the days ahead. 

Our supporters make this happen. 

Please keep praying for us. We want God to be glorified in all things, and to reach as many people as possible with His Word, His love, His gospel, and His truth. 

Keep looking up!



  1. Your end time messages are right on target and are a valuable resource.
    I checked your ministry for the first time a week ago. It seems there was a mention of tiny homes built and sold by an SDA person or company. I wanted to find it again but was unable to locate.

    If this is correct, please tell me how to make contact. I lead a group of SDAs who are making plans and preparations to leave the cities and move to a country location. Any resource information would be appreciated. Thank you. and God bless your ministry.

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