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Rapture Revelations (Parts 1 and 2)


Technology is amazing. I thank God for it. If it wasn’t for the Internet, White Horse Media might not exist because our headquarters is way up in the forests of North Idaho. But we do exist, and every day we communicate God’s Holy Word into cyberspace. Recently I preached twice in Nottingham, England (famous as Robin Hood country). Of course, I wasn’t physically in Nottingham. Instead, I was sitting in my recording studio surrounded by the forests of North Idaho! But my message—which was God’s message found in His Word—was heard loud and clear all the way across the vast Atlantic Ocean (where the Titanic sank). Can you see why I thank God for technology? In Nottingham, my topic was the Rapture. Will Christians someday disappear with a poof? What does the Bible really say? Watch Part 1. Watch Part 2

May God richly bless our joint efforts to share His Good News and Present Truth with a dying world. 

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