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New 5-Min. Video on The Power of the Book of Revelation


Personally, I’ve been a Christian for 40+ years, yet something new and exciting has been happening inside my heart during the past year. I can tell you about it, but you must experience it for yourself to really know what I’m talking about. It’s not hard either, but it does take some effort. The key is to actually read, memorize, and quietly meditate on key passages in the Book of Revelation. Few do this. In fact, many avoid the book altogether because they think it’s too scary, or just plain irrelevant. But this is false. On the other hand, contrary to what many think, Revelation isn’t just about prophecies, history, dragons, beasts, devils, judgments, and world events. Yes, it is about these things, but it is also about much more. Its truths are life-changing. Watch my newest video (only 5 min) which hopefully will motivate you to begin a journey that can literally lead you into the New Jerusalem, which is a real city that shines brighter than the sun. 

“Blessed is he that reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep the things that are written in it, for the time is at hand!” Revelation 1:3. 

May we all be among the “blessed” who discover the mighty power of this book!



  1. Steve. You might want to get your graphics department to rethink the image used to promote this video.
    One eye and hand or finger over mouth are blatant masonic communication symbols. Masonic right is the cover religion for satanism. Politicians, religious leaders, movie actors and musicians all do poses like this one and variations on a theme. This is no small matter and no, I am not a nut job. This unfortunately is reality. I used to think satanism was a small minority but I have recently learned that the “in-club” is huge. You can’t be a mover and shaker or deemed successful in this worlds eyes without being an approved member. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your material associated with this occult symbolism in anyway. Perhaps there are other images of a frightened person that could be used?

    Best regards


    1. Andrew, I don’t doubt what you are saying, but it is a bit late now to change it. If we make a change, and reupload a new video, it has to have a new link, then we lose all the comments/traction we’ve gathered. It was done innocently on our part, and we have had no other comments about this other than yours. So, we’ll just have to live it!

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