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Next Thursday LIVE (12-14): The Final Test (Part 1)


I really enjoy our Thursday LIVE events. During the last two, approx. 125 people joined us from throughout the U.S. and overseas, and many asked questions during the Q&A. It was very lively. I appreciate interacting and praying with our group. To get in on the action, join us tomorrow, Dec. 14, at 4 pm PT. Our topic will be, The Final Test (Part 1). Simply click the link below, or go directly to our Facebook or YouTube channel. 

On a separate note, one of the top news stories today is the results of the recent COP28 Climate Change conference in Dubai where nations worldwide committed to lowering fossil fuel use to save planet Earth. This is a great time to order and share WHM’s small pocketbook, Climate Change: Is it the End of the World? We also just received 2000 new copies of The Truth about the Sabbath: Proof that the Seventh Day (Saturday) is Still God’s Holy Day. 

Both are now available from White Horse Media. 

I hope to see you tomorrow for our Thursday LIVE. 

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