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New (Short) WHM Video: Beyond Woke. Going LIVE Soon.


Are you aware of “woke” controversies? I assume so. They are raging today. News reports comment on them. Social media is often fired up over them. Some churches and families are even being divided over them. Word variants include: wokism, woke culture, awokening, wokeness, woke people, woke story, wokeable, wokery, wokeaholic, wokeabulary, wokeworld, woketopia, wokey pockey, woketopians, stay woke, woke police, woke-o-meter, woke slang, woke capital, woke capitalism, wokewashing, woker, and wokerati.

Confused? It’s hard not to be. 

Obviously, I can’t solve woke controversies, but as I have pondered woke debates I have something to say that I hope will be of great value to you. My message will be short, simple, and will focus primarily on God’s message to humanity. To learn more, just watch our new White Horse Media video entitled, “Beyond Woke.” Only about 5-minutes long. But within those brief 5+ minutes, you will discover an inspired message we all need to hear, and which can change your life. 

As we enter 2021’s final weeks, so much is happening in our world, and because I want to connect more fully with our rapidly growing “White Horse Media Community,” I plan on going LIVE regularly in the near future so I can try to answer some of your questions, minister more fully to your heart, and pray with you.

May God draw us ever closer to Jesus, and deeper into His inspired Word. Our Savior says, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall never pass away.” Matthew 24:35.

Praise God that His Word is an anchor to our souls in these challenging, confusing times.  

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