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The War in Our Heads. Year-End Report. Wohlberg on The Stew Peters Show.


It’s been an incredible year for White Horse Media. As I reflect on God’s goodness to our dedicated team, my heart is filled with gratitude to our Savior. The Lord is so good! By His grace, we just released our newest video, The War in our Heads (about 1/2 hour long), which contains critical information about the intense battle now raging within our minds. We will release it for radio, television, and for our YouTube channel. 

Want to be inspired? Check out our White Horse Media “End-of-the-Year Report“:

Have you heard of Stew Peters? He’s a hard-hitting Christian talk show host with over 277,000 subscribers to his Rumble channel. In the providence of God, I will be his guest for about 20 minutes this Friday (Dec. 17) on The Stew Peters Show at 8 am (Pacific time). Our topic: Approaching Armageddon and America in Bible Prophecy (Revelation 13:11). This is a fantastic opportunity to share God’s Word with thousands of searchers for Bible truth. Your prayers are appreciated!

The same day (Friday), from 10-11 am (PT) I will be the guest of Dave Krieger on The Power Hour (national radio show) discussing the incredible health benefits of regularly growing (and eating) sprouts and microgreens. Many of you know that sprouting has become a personal (and super-healthy) habit of mine. If you want to learn how to grow them, check out

I’ll also be LIVE on our White Horse Media Facebook page this Thursday, Dec. 16, at 4 pm (Pacific Time) to connect with YOU (hopefully) for a short Bible study, Q&A, and prayer. We did this (for the first time) last Thursday and people joined us online from countries around the world. It was very exciting. These LIVE events are down-to-earth and informal. Tune in if you can. 

If God leads you, we would be so thankful if you would remember White Horse Media in your end-of-the-year giving. Here is a link to our Donate page, which has recently been updated with a new option for donating cryptocurrencies. As many realize, crypto assets are becoming more mainstream. So if you own some crypto, and want to donate some of your funds to God’s work, we welcome them. 

We live in incredible times. The world is in a state of crisis, and terrible disasters keep striking (like recent killer tornados hitting the South and Midwest), but God still holds the reigns in His hands. As the famous saying goes, “We don’t know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future.” Thank the Lord for this! 

Our entire team deeply appreciates your prayers and support for White Horse Media. 

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