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Western US Fiery Apocalypse Oct 6 / LIVE 3ABN Interview Oct 8


Just a reminder that our White Horse Media team will be LIVE today at 4 pm PT. Click the picture to be taken to the live stream at that time:

Also, I am flying to 3ABN this Wednesday and will be LIVE with Shelley Quinn and her husband JD on Thursday night, Oct. 8, from 8-10 pm Central Time. Topic: Approaching Armageddon. This will be LIVE, and you can call in your questions. If you don’t get 3ABN, you can still watch the program on their website

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for White Horse Media, 


  1. Hi,
    I watched your video “Western U.S. Fiery Apocalypse” on YouTube and was sharing with my Mama. I went back to watch it again, tried multiple times, and YouTube will not let me watch it. It says, “this video is unavailable on this device “. Am I able to watch it in your website?

    1. We apologize for the inconvenience. We trimmed off some of the excess time from the very beginning of the video on YouTube this morning to reduce the time the title graphic shows on screen before Pastor Wohlberg starts speaking. Normally, the original version of the video stays visible until the trim edit finishes but, in this case, the video is temporarily unavailable to watch until the edit finishes. Trim edits usually only take an hour or two but today it has been at least 5 hours. Hopefully, this will resolve itself very soon. Please check the video again later. Thank you very much.

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