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Approaching Armageddon LIVE Today!


Approaching Armageddon LIVE Today!

Today is the day! My new Master Video e-course, Approaching Armageddon, is finally live. I’m excited to see how God will use this unique course to inspire you and many others to live with hope and faith in these dark days before Jesus Christ returns.

I wrote my book Approaching Armageddon for that reason: to teach people that even as the world grows more divided, angrier, more violent, and bleaker, that we have a firm foundation to stand on. While Jesus predicted the world will get more tumultuous in the days leading up to His glorious return, He also promised that He will finally crush the enemy under His feet.

Approaching Armageddon will empower you with biblical knowledge you need to live faithfully in these last days. Through 11 weeks of teaching, you’ll learn:

  • How to gain solid confidence that ancient biblical predictions are both trustworthy and accurate
  • How Jesus perfectly fulfilled Old Testament prophecies which can give us confidence that His end-time predictions will be fulfilled as well
  • How to adopt a hopeful perspective on current events (based on having confidence in His Word) so that we do not need to be filled with “doom and gloom”
  • Biblical truths about earth’s last battle, where it will occur, who’s involved, and who will win

I’ve also included my new book which just released TODAY as well as a digital workbook to activate these spiritual truths!

If you want to join me, I’m sure you will deeply appreciate this inspiring video course. Just click here to reserve your spot.

Keep looking up,

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