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WHM Website Facelift / Pat Cox Testimony / Maui Fire


After months of preparation (special thanks to the hard work of Jeff Kyle and Marlon Abreu), I am thrilled to announce that our main White Horse Media website has been relaunched with an entirely new look and design for easier navigation. Everything has been much improved! [Note: The new website still has a few kinks our team is working on … we appreciate your patience]. 

Is White Horse Media making a practical impact on people’s lives? If you have any doubt, watch this short (8-min) video testimony of Pat Cox. If you recall, last fall I was scheduled to hold a Bible prophecy seminar in my hometown of Priest River, Idaho, but we had severe budget issues. Then I sent out an emergency appeal to our supporters to help us, and we quickly received all the funds we needed. So, the meetings took place…and Pat Cox will tell you the result. “Thank you!” again to those who contributed last fall.

God is so good!

God is surely using White Horse Media, not only in Priest River, Idaho but around the world.

We couldn’t do this without our supporters. We currently have lots of expenses. To donate, click here

I hope you are praying for those on the island of Maui who lost everything due to those horrible fires. Unfortunately, more disasters are coming. Our tract, Making Sense of Deadly Disasters, is perfect for sharing with those suffering such tragedies. People need hope, which is now available from “the God of hope.” Romans 15:13

Keep the faith,

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