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Watch Wohlberg Godhead Seminar LIVE Tonight (Nov 17,18)


Yesterday we did a Thursday LIVE called, “Trinity? Anti-Trinity? What is the Truth?” Around 125 tuned in from throughout the US and as far as Thailand. Questions at the end came in hot and heavy. Overall, God blessed! To discover new truths (straight from the Bible), tune in tonight and tomorrow for a new LIVE 4-part seminar on this stirring topic in Deer Park, Washington. 

This weekend I will share new insights I haven’t shared before about “the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19. Here is the link to the live stream which will work at the times listed above (Pacific time). NOTE: If you click the link now, you will see “2022” and “Pastor Howard Tello.” Don’t pay attention to that. By tonight, the wording will be corrected. 

Join us tonight if you can.


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