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Prayer Alert! Wohlberg on Fox News Radio Live Oct. 22


I have some exciting news! As most of you know, White Horse Media recently hired Gina Adams of The Adams Group PR to help us spread God’s Word to mainstream media so we can reach more people for Jesus. Through these efforts, The Adams Group has recently booked me on some major radio and television shows, with the biggest opportunity being confirmed today. Here it is: Tomorrow, Oct. 22, between 2:20-3:00 pm (Pacific Time), I will be a guest on The Kate Dalley Show. 

You can listen LIVE by clicking into her website during the show. Kate’s listening audience is large on The Blaze Radio network, plus WCGO Radio in Chicago (reaching around 8 million), plus KZNU Radio in Utah (a Fox News affiliate). Our topic will be: Approaching Armageddon and The United States in Bible Prophecy (Revelation 13:11). 

For those of you who have ordered my new book, Approaching Armageddon, but haven’t received it yet, I have more good news. Our books arrived today, so we are now shipping out your orders. Due to Covid-19 issues, this shipment was delayed. But we have books now. 

We are ready for The Kate Dalley Show. 

I am asking all of our supporters to please pray for me and Kate as we talk tomorrow. We both need God’s blessing and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you!

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  1. Pastor Wohlberg i pray for you daily and your programs white horse media and the work you do for God and his people thank you and may God bless you first time i sew you was at 3abm camp meeting love your preaching

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