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Post 4th of July Greeting … More Lights Needed to Spread the Light


For U.S. residents, I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July with family and friends. My family did, especially since our son Seth is home for the summer after his first year of college. As I see the growing turmoil and stress in society, it not only makes me deeply appreciate the blessings and freedoms we still enjoy but also the hope we have of someday living in a bright, sinless, happy heaven with Jesus, His angels, and those eternally redeemed “by the blood of the Lamb.” Revelation 7:14; 12:11. May that time come soon! Until then, we must keep spreading God’s light to those in darkness. Speaking of “light,” here’s the latest on White Horse Media’s equipment need, which now, mainly includes purchasing more lights for our studio. 

As you can see, our studio lights are low, and whenever we rearrange the set, or add another participant, the lighting must be rearranged, and retested, which takes quite a bit of time. Our total budget (mentioned a few weeks ago) was $46,296.32. To date, we have received $20,280. This week we spent $21,669 on critical equipment needed to produce more programs faster so far less time is spent on editing. What’s left is $24,627 to be used primarily for more lights to help us more easily spread God’s light.

Our recent production (being edited) is a 5-part series called, “The Elijah Prophecy,” with me and David Machada (pictured above) which explains The Elijah Prophecy found in Malachi 4:5,6, the confrontation between Elijah and the commandment-breaking false prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel (see 1 Kings 18), how John the Baptist partially fulfilled Malachi’s prediction (see Matt. 11:14), and the final conflict between God’s Remnant people (Revelation 12:17) and the global forces of the dragon, beast, and false prophet at Armageddon (see Revelation 16:13-16). Here’s what viewers will see when this series is soon released on TV and on our YouTube channel. We trust people will be enlightened, convicted, and richly blessed when they watch it. 

We have more productions planned, but our ongoing challenge is that these productions take a lot of time to prepare for and edit. With our new equipment (already purchased) and more lights (we are praying for) we can produce more programs quicker to spread God’s light faster into the dense darkness of this world. 

Our next 5-part series is “The Trinity Controversy” (more on this soon). Here also is a link to my recent interview with Johnny Cirucci, “Identifying the Great Whore.”

If God impresses you to help us with the remaining $24,627 to purchase more lights so we can more easily spread God’s Light, this will be much appreciated. Donations can be made here. Or you can email me directly (

May God bless you, your family, my family, and the families of our energetic team here at White Horse Media. 


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