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New AMAZING WHM Short Video Solves the Mystery of Death!


When I die, what then? This is one of the oldest questions humans ask. When we breathe our last breath, do our souls live on? Will we instantly meet deceased relatives on the Other Side? Do some souls enter a blissful heaven, while others descend into frightening flames? Angel Studios (producer of The Chosen and Sound of Freedom) recently released a new movie claiming to offer credible answers, but are those answers correct?

What is the truth?

White Horse Media’s newest video solves one of life’s deepest mysteries. 

It’s only 8 minutes long, very hi-tech, and the editing is fantastic. A must-see! 

We are spending money to boost this video to hopefully reach millions of searching souls. Can you help us with these costs to give it even wider exposure? If so, you can donate online here or call 1-800-782-4253 with a credit card donation and say, “Use this to boost the video!”

Please join us in prayer that God will do great things!

We hope you will watch it, help us promote it, and share it widely on social media. 

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