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“Light from the Most Holy Place” Meetings in New Jersey, Feb. 9-11


I’ll be in Hackettstown, New Jersey, this weekend for a LIVE seminar entitled, “Light from the Most Holy Place.” See details below. If you live within driving distance, join us. This will be a unique series about BIG ISSUES facing the world and God’s Church. Everyone is welcome. Prayers are deeply appreciated. 

New Jersey Flyer

White Horse Media’s two newest videos (on our YouTube Channel) are getting lots of views. Check them out, and make some comments. 

  1. “After Death” Movie: A Deception?
  2. Archangel Michael: His True Identity Revealed (Part 1)

“Behold, I come quickly!” Our Savior tells us, “Blessed is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book.” Revelation 22:7. Thus we will be “blessed” if we “keep” (hold tightly to) the “sayings” and truths found in the last book of the Bible which will help prepare us for the wonderful Day when Jesus returns to gather His faithful people. 


  1. Re: Movie – ‘After Death:’ A Deception? and printed publication entitled: ‘Satan’s First Lie.’
    Every depiction of lucifer/satan in the Garden of Eden, whether Hollywood movie, children’s picture book or famous artwork, shows him as a conventional snake addressing Eve. Your portrayal does the same. However, the serpent was only made as a snake to slither on the ground or wrap around a tree branch after Adam and Eve sinned. See Gen. 3:14. Ellen White in chapter 3 of Patriarchs and Prophets describes the serpent as a burnished gold, shimmering,, mesmerising creature with wings. This helps to explain why Eve was so transfixed she allowed her thought process to be overwhelmed and compromised. Can the 2 media presentations be amended to replace the repulsive snake with an alluring, arresting creature, to stimulate people’s thinking about that original event and as a lesson for us all to be vigilant against satan’s visual and other sense based temptations during these end times. This more accurate, alternative depiction would provide a major point of difference for an Adventist production compared with the rest of the world, giving greater insight into how things transpired in the Garden and why satan was so successful in his deception.
    Keep up the good work of spreading the gospel. Blessings!!!!

  2. Will the video of “”Light from the Most Holy Place” Meetings in New Jersey, Feb. 9-11″ be on Youtube?
    I live in Southern California. I can only watch video on YouTube.

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