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A Man named Jesus Christ walked throughout the land of Israel nearly two thousand years ago, yet His radical teachings are still felt around the world today. Who really was Jesus? What did He teach? Have His predictions come true? Join Steve Wohlberg and Rob Knott in a life-changing journey exploring rocks, temples, ancient cities, the past, the present, and the future. 26 exciting lessons. You will receive a certificate after completing the course. Enroll now!

The Crowning Act

World religions expect a coming messiah. What if the WRONG one appears? Nearly a year in the making, “The Crowning Act” is White Horse Media’s newest 30-minute docudrama which: 1) Exposes Satan’s soon-coming personation of Jesus Christ to unite all religions, and 2) Reveals Bible facts about the Second Coming of Jesus in the clouds with millions of holy angels. “Behold,” says God’s Word, “He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him.” Revelation 1:7. Multiple end-time issues are also portrayed. Steve Wohlberg presents the closing epilogue. For more information about God’s infinite love, how to be saved, the Second Coming, the beast, its deadly mark, false signs and wonders, and much more, visit https://www.TheCrowningAct.com

Discover What’s Coming

The latest information about upcoming “The Last Days of America” seminars with Steve Wohlberg.

Good News for Muslims
“Good News for Muslims” explores Islam, the Quran, Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. Shahbaz, who grew up in Iran, is Steve Wohlberg’s guest in this fascinating, eye-opening 13-part series that will inspire your heart and bring peace to your soul. Watch the entire 13-part series online for FREE!

God: Fact or Fiction?

This fascinating 14-part series featuring Subodh Pandit, MD, explores the Big Bang, evolution, science, the existence of God, and the claims of religion. Intellectually honest. Engaging. Challenging. It will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Secrets of Inner Peace
People everywhere are fighting the battles of life. Real peace of mind is rare. Secrets of Inner Peace explains how deep, inner peace is possible through Jesus Christ, “the Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6), and through the power of His Word. This is a fully illustrated eBook that includes an audio version read by Steve Wohlberg.

Prophecy Countdown

Prophecies from the Bible are unfolding in front of our eyes. Life-changing events are stirring, leaving most of us in fear of the future. But God saw it all coming and the Bible will give you the answers to be free of fear and anxiety in these chaotic times. This recorded audio event is designed for anyone interested in the predictions of the Bible, signs of prophecy in our world today, or understanding global issues and their effect on Christian lives today.

Warn the Cities
On July 23, 2016, a unique convocation, sponsored by White Horse Media and the Nashville First Seventh-day Adventist Church, brought together many pastors and church members throughout Nashville for prayer, Bible study, and discussion about how to best do God’s will in warning Nashville and other cities about the coming judgments of God. This Convocation was streamed LIVE on July 23rd and made into a DVD. We hope this Convocation will be used by God to ignite both a revival and an earnest, spiritually balanced, Christ-centered “warn the cities” movement among God’s people worldwide, resulting in many other similar events and the salvation of souls.

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Steve shares his thoughts and studies with timely articles about current events, prophecy, and life issues.

The Truth about Steve Wohlberg
Powerful testimonies about how God is using White Horse Media and Steve Wohlberg to reach the world for Jesus Christ. If Steve’s ministry has been a blessing to you, come and share your testimony here.

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His Voice Today
The best of White Horse Media and Steve Wohlberg material about how to prepare for the End of the World. Watch Steve Wohlberg videos online for free. Avoid deception. Learn Bible truth. Discover how to find peace with God and receive eternal life.

The Ten Commandments from God
The Ten Commandments are from God and have never been changed! Discover truth and lies about law and grace.

Fountain Valley Remedies
Highway to Health offers fabulous and great tasting ‘super food’ nutritional drinks, natural detox aids, and lots of eye-opening articles and videos that may save your life! Bon Appetit!

Why Disasters?
It’s time to tell the world the true reason why deadly disasters such as killer earthquakes, massive tsunamis, monstrous tornados, raging fires, devastating floods and horrific hurricanes are increasing by sharing widely this amazing, eye-opening and inexpensive new tract penned by Steve Wohlberg, Speaker/Director of White Horse Media.

No Secret Rapture
Steve Wohlberg’s book ‘The Rapture Delusions’ exposes the popular yet unbiblical ‘Secret Rapture’ doctrine while explaining what the Bible really teaches about the soon return of Jesus Christ.

Avoid Twilight
Steve Wohlberg’s book, The Trouble with Twilight, exposes Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga and real vampirism.

Toxic Trouble
Steve Wohlberg tells the touching story of his own son’s mysterious seizure disorder, how the Wohlberg’s discovered its hidden, underlying cause, and the path to healing. Loaded with credible, practical insights, his book could literally save your life, and the lives of those you love.

Avoid Harry Potter
Exposing shocking secrets about the influence of Harry Potter and unveiling hidden dangers within the Wicca movement.

Avoid the Dead
Steve Wohlberg delves deeply into the ghostly trend and national obsession of talking to the dead in America and around the world.

Steve Wohlberg’s EzineArticles
Powerful articles by Steve Wohlberg.

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God Made Me
God’s design of our living world is so profoundly amazing, but even more so is His crowning act of Creation which is the miracle of the human being. The God Made Me program is designed in a week-long format with a literary and hands-on curriculum. Students will engage in effective, yet simple learning strategies as they are introduced to the basic form and function of their body.