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WHM Releases Short Trailer for The Crowning Act


Since the fall of 2020 White Horse Media has been preparing a unique 30-minute film entitled, The Crowning Act, which exposes Satan’s infernal plan to appear on earth personating Jesus Christ during earth’s last crisis. “When will it be released?” we have been asked numerous times. The good news is: very soon. We are in the final editing stages and plan to debut the film this summer. In the meantime, here is a short trailer that will give you a sneak peek: 

The Crowning Act will be initially released on a dedicated website which will also contain critical Bible facts about many topics such as Signs and Wonders, The Real Appearance of Jesus Christ, The Beast Identified, The Future of America, Decoding the Mark of the Beast, and The Scriptures our Only Safeguard. 

The Crowning Act will be viewable for free online. It will also air on numerous television networks. 

A special “Thank you!” to those who have participated in this important project, and to those who have donated funds to help with production expenses (which are ongoing). Those who wish to contribute can do so here

Current events indicate that our world is on the edge of a tremendous crisis. It is our hope and prayer that The Crowning Act, with its companion website, will help prepare millions for the closing events of the great controversy between good and evil and for the soon return of THE REAL JESUS in the clouds of glory (see Matthew 24:30,31).

“Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him.” Revelation 1:7

Keep looking up, 



  1. Hi Steve,

    I’m interested to know where you place Satan’s crowning act on the prophetic timeline. I’d imagine you are aware that within Adventist circles there are two opinions regarding the timing of Satan’s crowning act, that it is either BEFORE the close of probation or AFTER. There are well known speakers on both sides of that question. May I ask where you place this event in relation to the finishing of Christ’s work in the sanctuary in Heaven?

    Best regards,
    Ross Patterson

  2. What is the Elijah message and what is the significance of the term in Malachi 4 which says “he” in relation to the Hebrew translation of scripture

  3. How do we test and tell or know if victor houteff founder of the Shepard’s rod commonly known as Davidian Seventh day Adventist church was inspired as Ellen white

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