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WHM Live “Why Disasters?” Webinar Wed. Oct 18. Fireball Connection?


We all know about hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, about Mexico’s recent killer earthquakes, that we are on the edge of war with North Korea, about the Las Vegas massacre, and now, about the 22 destructive fires still burning in California. This amazing sequence of back-to-back-to-back disasters has become so nightmarish, that even USA Today, The New York Times, and Good Morning America are alluding to the End-Times. This is all very, very serious. Homes are being destroyed. People are dying. Tears are flowing. It is all so sad. Look at this:

White Horse Media just confirmed that we will hold a Bible prophecy seminar in Northern California in the middle of November. Surely God is leading, for the time is ripe. I’ll keep you posted. 

Fireball/Fires Connection? Now here’s something very interesting: Believe it or not, White Horse Media has just discovered new video evidence (confirmed by the American Meteor Society and numerous eye witnesses) of meteoric (fireball) activity in Northern California descending in the direction of Napa Valley and breaking up near the ground at the very time that the cluster of fires now burning there mysteriously started. We are now gathering information about this, will share more shortly, and will probably produce our own video about it. Remember our Nashville meetings where we talked about fireballs in the end-times? We still believe what we taught back then, and are convinced that many more are coming. Because of this amazing series of events, and because we are so deeply convinced by the Holy Spirit that time is running out fast, we have decided to host a LIVE webinar called “Why Deadly Disasters?” from our headquarters next Wednesday, October 18, at 3:oo pm PT. You can join us LIVE on our Youtube channel at that time. Please help us spread the word by sharing the link on social media. 

Why Deadly Disasters: What in the WORLD is Going On?

Live 3ABN Interview Coming: On October 26, from 6-8 PM PT, I will be interviewed LIVE on 3ABN about the 500-year anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, the current activity of the beast, current disasters, the mark of the beast, and how the Reformation continues today. In world events we can surely hear the footsteps of an approaching God. Jesus Christ is coming!

As always, White Horse Media appreciates so much your prayers and support.

Let’s be ready.


  1. I am thanking God every day that I was born into, and converted in the Adventist church, and have knowledge of these truths. and walk in the light of these truths–I, we do not walk in darkness. Glory to the Most High God. Thank you and your staff for all you do to keep us current. We ask God’s continued blessing on you, and your ministry!!!!

  2. Steve, just read your news letter and thought you might be interested in this: Supposedly a meteor/fireball crashed into the White Mountain of New Hampshire starting a huge wildfire . After I read your newsletter I found this It was published on Oct. 4, 2017:”Fire In The Sky News”. I think the “meteor/fireball” was Oct. 2, 2017 supposedly a person that lived in the area saw it. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and keeping us posted on prophesy being fulfilled. God bless

  3. Steve, i appreciate all you are doing. I grew up going to the same church as Tim Saxton in St. Joseph, MO. I was watching White Horse Media before i even knew that Tim joined your outreach ministry. I am glad he did, your ministry has really been a blessing on my life. I will get better at putting your ministry in my prayers. Go with God… I will continue to keep watching.

  4. Thanks Pastors for the wonderful work that your doing for God`s people in the different parts of the world. I trust and appreciation this work and how your connecting the Bible Prophesy and this world current events. For sure the coming of Jesus is at hand, all events in Israel and out side our denomination which are rapid increasing marking it is the time to commits all our lives to God.

  5. I don’t understand why the American Meteor Society hasn’t been on Fox News reporting this information. There are numerous eye witnesses just like the news is saying there are in seeing a couple of campers who were in N. CA at the sight. There is more validity with the American Meteor Society in addition to eye witnesses, than only a few eye witnesses.

  6. I saw a big fireball in my area in the state of Kentucky a few weeks ago. It was in the South Eastern sky. I thought at first it was a firework of some sort. But a firework would not come straight down to the earth. I was standing on my front porch when I saw it. I live on a 20 acre farm. It was a big fireball with multiple colors. It was very beautiful! These sort of phenomenal things seem to be happening quite frequently now.

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