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White Horse Media Philippines Report. Over 300 Baptized. Watch Now.


In March of 2018, a White Horse Media team of 28 individuals, primarily from churches in Washington and Idaho, traveled to the Philippines to conduct evangelistic meetings in cooperation with pastors and church members of the Northern Luzon Mission. Between March 23-31, 11 teams held meetings at 11 carefully picked locations in Northern Luzon. Amazing things happened! God’s power was revealed at each location. His blessing was unmistakable.

Joining these White Horse Media teams were eight individuals with the Second Hope Ministries International Eye Clinic, directed by Dr. Ron Fleck, father of Pastor Ron Fleck. These unselfish volunteers provided free eye checks and prescription glasses to hundreds of local people living near the meeting sites who were so thankful for this valued service. Not only were many eyes opened spiritually to understand Jesus Christ and His end-time truths, but they also had their physical eyes opened (with new glasses) so they could actually see. At the conclusion of these 11 meetings, God blessed with 312 precious souls sealing their decision for Jesus Christ in Bible baptism. The Grand Finale was electrifying! Eternity alone will reveal the results of these meetings.

Watch our 4+ minute video showing pictures
and video clips of these incredible meetings.

White Horse Media wants to thank all of our generous supporters who have recently donated for “Mission Projects.” Funds like these help us take the Good News of Jesus across the world. If you are interested in joining a future White Horse Media Mission project, contact If you would like to financially support these projects, mark your donation, “Mission Projects.”

All praise, honor, and glory to King Jesus!

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