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Wohlbergs in California. Soquel Camp Meeting topics (Watch LIVE)


My family is in Sacramento, California visiting my wife Kristin’s relatives (she has a lot of them!). Our son Seth (age 13, he turns 14 this coming Sunday) and daughter Abby (age 10) are really enjoying swimming, bike riding, jumping on a trampoline, playing with kittens, going to church, and spending time with some of their many cousins.

Today (July 16), we head to Soquel California (near the coast) for the annual Central California Conference camp meeting where I will speak six times.

All of my talks will be streamed live and can all be watched online. Here are my topics/times:

Tues., July 17, 11 am: “God’s Final Warning: The Three Angels’ Messages” (Revelation 14:6-12)
Wed., July 18, 11 am: “The Hour of His Judgment is Come!” (Revelation 14:7)
Wed., July 18, 7:00 pm: “Our Greatest Need: The Holy Spirit
Thurs. July 19, 11 am: “New Light for Laodiceans”
Fri., July 20, 11 am: “The Heart of the 3rd Angel’s Message”
Fri. July 20, 2-4 pm: “Help for the Hopeless”

I appreciate your prayers.  Tune in if you can.


  1. Family looking great! I am in Az. Apache Junction to be exact…how do i connerct to your sermons….God be with you as you present HIS WORD!

  2. Hi Steve, Beautiful story of your fathers mind was cleared by the Holy Spirit. Thanks for sharing it. Such a simple request, thats shows how much our Father loves and hears us. We are told that angels delivered that request with a sweet incense. That Christ cant refuse. That you were able to say goodbye to your father, and your father understood you with a clear mind, at that moment in time. Knowing how important it was for you and your family.
    Your Brother in Christ,

  3. Beautiful family! Will keep you and your family in my prayers. Even though you have been through difficult times, our Heavenly Father has and will strengthen and bless you. I have been encouraged and blessed listening to your sermons on the Three Angel Messages. Will be ordering your new pocketbooks. God bless you always. Your lovely family too. We all look forward to the blessed hope when we will forever be united with our loved ones again.
    Your sister in Christ,Jesus Trena

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