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Watch Steve Wohlberg LIVE on 3ABN Thursday Night 8-10 PM CST


Watch Steve Wohlberg LIVE on 3ABN – 500 Years From Luther and Earth’s Final Crisis

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I fly to the headquarters of the Three Angels Broadcasting Network for a LIVE 2-hour interview Thursday night, October 26, from 8-10 PM CST entitled, “500 Years from Luther and Earth’s Final Crisis.” These interviews are always milestones for me and for White Horse Media for it allows us to speak boldly and freely to viewers around the world. Thursday night I will speak about Martin Luther, Roman Catholicism, the joining of Protestants and Catholics today, Bible prophecy, the recent slew of deadly natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, fires), ‘Climate Change,’ the soon-coming Mark of the Beast, and how the Protestant Reformation is very much alive today through the preaching of the Three Angels’ Messages. I hope you won’t miss this interview. You can watch the recorded interview here.

Please pray for me as I travel, and please pray that our wonderful God will speak powerfully through me as we go LIVE on Thursday night.


  1. Thank you for this notice. If the Lord wills. I will be sure to tune in as well as let others know. We are all in need of understanding these last days events in which we now trod. Please pray for me and my family, friends, an church members as I promise to pray for you and yours.


    Your Sister-in-Christ,
    Jackelin Brooks

  2. Praying for you Pastor Steve for traveling mercies… I will be watching and taking notes as a lady in my Bible Study has been asking for teaching and study’s on Revelation so I opened my mouth said I’ll help you. So between you and Pastor James Rafferty I hope I can do you two and the Bible justice. Your friend in Jesus, Sandii

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