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WATCH NOW Revelation 17 Explored (Pre-Recorded)


If you missed our LIVE program, Revelation 17 Explored, the recording is now on our White Horse Media YouTube channel. To begin your journey into the deep mysteries of biblical prophecy, just click the picture below. 

We sincerely hope our study of Revelation chapter 17 will be a rich blessing to you. 

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  1. This is a general comment.
    I cannot understand why we use such weak evidence for the year/day principle. This idea goes way back to a 7 day (weekly) Sabbath for an individual and a 7 Year Sabbath for the Land and the nation. Hence for Christ there is 40 days in the wilderness, 3.5 years of ministry and so on but on a big scale there is 40years for Israel and 3.5years of days (1260years) for the counterfeit. This makes it clear which time scale to use and also links individual and national events. By the way Daniel is praying about the end of the 70 years as a result of the missed sabbaths for 490years then he hears 70 weeks are determined upon thy people. Would he have given the idea of it being anything but another 490years a second thought? I doubt it. It is obviously 70weeks of national sabbaths. Its not just a prophetic code timescale. It applies far generally. Is a heavenly day a 1000years? Not sure but it does fit nicely.

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