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WATCH NOW WHM 10-Min. TV Program: “2018 Begins” / Family Photos


Our newest TV program entitled, “2018 Begins” — it’s only 10 minutes long — has just been released by White Horse Media. Topics include the shortness of time, 2017 sex scandals, Iranian protests against a corrupt, freedom-denying government, an asteroid just missing earth in Dec. 2017, the return of Jesus Christ, salvation through His cross, concluding with an appeal to come to the Savior before it’s too late. We filmed this last Tuesday, and it was edited and LIVE by Thursday. What a blessing to work with a dedicated team capable of accomplishing so much in a short time, with God’s help. I hope you will watch it, and share it through social media.

Over the holidays we took this new family photo which will finally replace a much older one on my Facebook page. I assume most of you know this, but pictured are my wife Kristin, our son Seth (age 13), our daughter Abby (age 10), our dog Eva (a recent addition to our family), and yours truly. What a blessing for me to be a family man, and to have the privilege of being in God’s work.

I am currently in California visiting my dad and his wife Anne. Here’s a picture of my father too (sorry it’s a bit blurry). He is 88, and struggling with a body that no longer works right. But his faith is firm in the Lord. Praise God for that!

I’ll write more when I return to Idaho.

“Lift up your heads, for your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28.


    1. Our apologies for the late reply. We are not currently aware of a packaged evangelistic program for children like you are looking for.

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