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WATCH NOW: “Mark” Seminar (Replay). NEW White Horse Media Books


Our big February 7,8 event, “What To Do When The Mark Of The Beast Is Enforced,” was incredibly blessed by God. Our small church in Newport WA was packed to overflowing. Lunch was served to approximately 350 guests. If you missed the live stream, everything can now be watched at

As was announced last weekend, White Horse Media has two new books—hot off the press.

Climate Change: Is It The End Of The World? explores increasing weather-related disasters, the global climate change movement, Bible prophecy, and the approaching mark of the beast. This booklet is extremely relevant, very enlightening, and great for sharing. For a sneak preview, read the first eight pages here. Only $1.25 per book. Quantity discounts available. 

The Truth about the Sabbath contains more information about this controversial topic than any book we know of. Chapters include: Sabbath Basics, Jesus Christ is Lord of the Sabbath, Sunday in the New Testament, Sabbath Facts in the Book of Acts, Ten Reasons Why the Sabbath is Not Jewish, Can We Know What Day is the Sabbath?, The Sabbath Controversy in the New Testament, Common Anti-Sabbath Arguments: Are They Really Right? The Sabbath Changed to Sunday, Roman Catholics Testify, Protestants Testify, The Sabbath in Bible Prophecy, Bible Answers to Good Questions, How to Keep the Sabbath, Final Thoughts from God’s Word. Based on the Bible. Loaded with historical quotations. Perfect for sharing! 46 pages. Prices: 1-9 copies: $2.99 each. 10-19 copies: $2.89 each. 20-49 copies: $2.79 each. For larger quantities, contact White Horse Media. For a sneak preview, read the first seven pages here

Order online,
Or call 1-800-782-4253

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32. May the good Lord help us to know His love, His Word, and His Truth, and to share it widely with others, while mercy lingers. 



  1. Please let us know when the dvd’s from the Feb.7-8, 2020 event will be available for sale. (We do not
    have unlimited Internet access).
    Thanks, L. Undem

    1. The DVDs will be available in the near future. You will be notified by email if you are subscribed to our E-News list.

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