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Watch LIVE This Weekend Feb. 7,8: What To Do When the Mark is Enforced


Just a reminder. Don’t forget to watch our White Horse Media LIVE event, What To Do When The Mark of the Beast Is Enforced, this weekend, February 7,8. Here is our updated flyer:

As the flyer shows, the main link for sharing and watching the live stream is As we all know, problems keep increasing on Planet Earth: deadly wildfires, killer earthquakes, volcano threats (the Philippines), devastating locusts (east Africa), diseases like the Corona virus (China and beyond), political division, and anger among nations (see Revelation 11:18). Someday the bottom will finally fall out, and the prophesied “mark” of “the beast” (see Revelation 13:16,17) will be enforced as a false solution to a global crisis. When that fearful time comes, will we be ready? What should we do? Find out this weekend by watching, What To Do When The Mark of the Beast Is Enforced. 

Pray for us, and tune in if you can. 


  1. I just finished watching Tim Sexton’s sermon at the Newport SDA church. On what to do when the mark of the beast is enforced. Is there any possible way to get a copy a written copy of that sermon? I really want to have those quotes available to share with others can

    1. PDF versions of the study guide that are based on the sermon are now available on our site. There is a reading version (smaller file size) and a version meant to be printed by professional printers. The guide is called “What to Expect When the Mark of the Beast is Enforced: 10 Things to Know”. A printed version will be made available in our online store in the very near future.

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