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(WATCH) Are Aliens Visiting Earth? Pentagon UFO Report.


Two weeks ago, the US Pentagon released a highly-anticipated official report about UFOs, unexplainable sightings, and the possibility that extraterrestrials have been visiting our earth. This report has been discussed by mainstream news networks. 

What does this report say? Are aliens visiting the earth? Do they even exist? What does The Holy Bible say? On the other hand, could “the devil and his angels” (see Matthew 25:41) be preparing for a future, global delusion? In our new half-hour program, Dustin Pestlin (Hope Through Prophecy) and I discuss UFOs, the Pentagon Report, and God’s Word. Just click the picture to watch our program. 

“Your Word is truth” (John 17:17), declared Jesus Christ. 

We hope you are richly blessed by the teaching of God’s Word. 

PS. We are thankful for those who have given more than the first $11,000 (see my last e-news) needed for the launching of our upcoming White Horse Media Bible School. God is so good! 

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