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Urgent Need: Will Steve’s Seminar in his Hometown be Cancelled?


I’m excited, yet feeling a pinch. Here’s why. My next “The Last Days of America” Bible Prophecy Seminar is scheduled for Oct. 7,8 in my hometown of Priest River, Idaho. As part of the preparation for this event, three small, rural local churches have united and secured the beautiful Priest River Event Center (near the center of town) as the location for this seminar, which is only about 10 minutes from my house and from our White Horse Media headquarters. 

The plan is to mail out approx. 8500 flyers to every home in the Priest River/Newport area. The deadline for the flyers to reach the printer is in just a few days. Time is running out. Unfortunately, we just found out today that last night one of those three churches decided that they are unable to fully participate due to budget constraints, which leaves us about $3800 short. The total cost for the entire event is estimated only at about $6500, but, in our area, funds are tight. What shall we do? Cancel the event? I don’t think so. God is big enough to handle this, which why I am sending out this appeal. 

Here is a link to the flyer. We are also doing social media advertising. The topics I will present publically will be Revelation 13 and 14:6-12, the three angels’ messages, the identity of the beast, the role of America in biblical prophecy, the truth about the mark of the beast, the Ten Commandments, the Second Coming, and the Good News of Jesus Christ’s love, mercy, grace, and what He did for us all on the cross. I am firmly convinced that people in our Priest River/Newport area need to be warned and reached with these mighty truths. 

This appeal is being sent out with a prayer that God will impress some of our supporters to contribute to this important outreach event so it won’t be cancelled. Maybe one of those supporters is you. Again, our total budget is only $6500, and our most pressing need is $3800. If God impresses you to help with this event, please email me directly ( and tell me how much you would like to commit. We need to know asap.

I am fully convinced that God wants our meetings to start on Friday night, Oct. 7. We will also take pictures and give you a report showing how God blessed this event. 

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that proclaimed it!” Psalm 68:11

I am trusting Jesus to do great things in our Newport/Priest River area on Oct. 7,8!


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