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Turn Off the News & Find Hope!


Turn Off the News & Find Hope!

When you look around at the state of the world, how do you feel? Hopeless? Discouraged? Angry? It’s time to rise above the earth’s darkness and find hope. Instead of giving in to the “doom and gloom” perspective, it’s time to position your heart to expect victory. Because that’s exactly what Jesus promises in Scripture.

As most of you know, my newest book, Approaching Armageddon: Discover Hope Beyond Earth’s Final Battle, is just being released. But here’s something you may not know. We’ve also created a fantastic new, 11-week e-course, Approaching Armageddon, to make it even easier for you to grasp biblical prophecies that point to Jesus’ return. In this master class video course, you’ll gain scriptural insight on how you’ll know for sure that the end-times have arrived, what Jesus will accomplish in the last battle, and most importantly, how you can live with hope in these perilous times.

My Approaching Armageddon video course will be available next week starting October 6th.

It includes:

  • A digital copy of my new book that has just been released
  • 11 Videos to empower you in your faith during this season
  • A digital workbook to enrich and activate the truths you are learning
  • Two Q&A sessions where you get to send in the questions that are pressing on your heart.

If you want to learn more about the Bible, grow in your trust of Jesus, and live the surrendered, faithful life you’ve been called to, I personally invite you to join us in my new course. I’ll be praying for you as you dig deeper into God’s plan for His people in these tumultuous times, and beyond!


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