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Truth War. New 4-min Video: Male, Female, and ???


An intense battle for TRUTH rages on all sides. Jesus Christ is “the truth.” John 14:6. His Word is “the truth.” John 17:17. The Holy Spirit is “the Spirit of truth.” John 16:13. “Your law is the truth.” Psalm 119:142. God wants us to speak “words of truth.” Eccl. 12:10. Yet Satan is determined to lead us away from simple, life-changing truth. He is “a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44. What is the truth about human sexuality? The Bible says that “In the beginning,” God made Adam and Eve “male and female.” Genesis 1:27

Do other options exist?

Watch our new video (only 4 min.) below. 


We hope you can join us today at 4 pm (Pacific Time) for our next Thursday Live!

Our topic: The Power of Truth.

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Let’s stick with the truth,


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