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The Crowning Act Soars. Premiers on 3ABN this Saturday Night.


We are White Horse Media are praising God for His mighty blessings on our newest half-hour film, “The Crowning Act.” As you can see from our Youtube channel below, the count shows 110,844 views in less than two weeks. God is so good! To add to our excitement, the full film will debut worldwide on 3ABN this Saturday night, August 14, from 9-9:30 CT. 

Separately, we are also excited to announce that our new 8-part series (filmed last March, finally edited) entitled, Body Battles: Protect Your Health. Avoid Dying Early, has also been just released. My guest is health educator and lifestyle interventionist, Jack McIntosh. You’ll love these programs offering simple, cutting-edge, practical information that can save your life and the lives of those you love. All 8 programs are on our White Horse Media YouTube channel (which, by the way, now has a grand total of 2,867,416 views). Each Body Battles episode is only 30 minutes long. Great for sharing! 

We have many more projects in the work, including my upcoming book, 666: The Beast Identified. What It Means To You. Stay tuned. 

White Horse Media is a faith ministry that is able to keep going through the prayers and generous gifts of our supporters. We appreciate these more than words can express. Thank you so much for keeping us afloat so that God can keep working through our team to spread His love and to advance His truth in this dark world. If you want to help us, you can donate here.

Keep looking up!


  1. my son who has diabetes,viewed your program and for the first time became very interested.The speaker was so informative.We both have this problem but we did not catch the first part of of body battles. We are adventist for 40 years. could you please advise how we can get a recording viewed on 3/11/2023. subject was on diabetics.thank you

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