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  1. Avatar ruth d.
    April 22, 2018 @ 1:45 pm

    , I believe, as manywhoved looked into and studied this, the climate change is real, but its mostly caused by , chemtrails, harp, nasa, weather modification, airforce, ect., cell towers, gwen towers, look into it its for real, its worldwide and has been going on for decades, , just like in Vietnam, agent orange, operation popeye, others, , the weather is not normal anymore, anywhere, , the wildlife are acting weird, if not mass kill offs, , satanic nwo, satan destroying gods creation, , , plus chemtrails and monsatan, Monsanto, killed the honey bees, now Walmart will get the first patten for , robotic bees,google it., also nasas solar shield, which is just acknowledging, the chemtrails, , to block out the sun, of course for our own good, ., the earth is , probably warming and cooling at different times, its all screwed up, the crops , and trees, wildlife, seasons have changed, its going to be bad for agriculture, ect., , all recent , last few years, the storms are all extreme, they keep getting extreme, , there putting all kinds of metals in the atmosphere, and using microwave towers, ect., to heat up atmosphere, just look up and see the planes almost daily, crisscrossing the sky, , and wait, youll see the white plumes from the jets, do not dissaper, like a reg. jet fuel contrail, which is water vapor, but the chemical trails, stay and get wider, till they form, fake clouds and haze, , you could have a clear blue sky , one minute, then the planes start, and after a hour or less, the sky above you is a haze, white or gray, , don’t laugh or poo poo it, till you do your research, our weather is and has been manipulated, for decades, while most people are too busy looking down on there cell phones, and the younger ones weren’t born, when real cloud formations , long ago, what real clouds used to look like.,geoengineering is real, and it s well documented, and so many photos, and evidence, this is whats happening to our planet, their playing god, with these forbidden technologies , god help us all to wake up and survive till he comes back.


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