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Nationwide Radio Interview on The Bill Martinez Show


I am thrilled to report that last Monday (January 25), in God’s wonderful providence, I had the fantastic privilege of being the guest for about 20 minutes on The Bill Martinez Show heard on over 300 radio stations throughout the U.S. Our topic was Approaching Armageddon. We also discussed America in Bible prophecy. It was very exciting! The Holy Spirit definitely was with us. 

To hear this 20-minute interview, click here

President Biden and Climate Change: In his first few days in office, President Biden (the 2nd Roman Catholic US President in history) issued a series of executive orders to limit fossil fuel use to combat climate change. He is putting America back into the Paris agreement, has made John Kerry (also Roman Catholic) his official Presidential Envoy on climate matters, and has unmistakably revealed that he is in high gear “making tackling climate change a priority across the federal government.” Ominously, Mr. Biden is now taking many of his cues from Pope Francis and his papal encyclical, Ladauto Si which, significantly, also promotes universal Sunday-keeping as part of a proposed global solution to climate change woes. To learn more about these mega-issues, and to help you share God’s Word with others, White Horse Media has two life-changing and Christ-centered pocketbooks, Climate Change: Is it the End of the World?, and The Truth about the Sabbath. Both are inexpensive. Quantity discounts are available. 

Last weekend I spoke four times at Hartland Institute in Virginia for their Winter Convocation. My topic was Revelation 17, which is the chapter I explore in my newest book, The Bloody Woman and the Seven-Headed Beast. It was a tremendous blessing to be at Hartland, and to spend time with students and staff. They are a very dedicated group highly committed to spreading the gospel and end-time Bible truth worldwide. All the talks were recorded and will be soon be posted on our White Horse Media YouTube channel. Stay tuned. 

It’s snowing here in north Idaho at this moment, which reminds me of the pure white robe of Jesus Christ’s spotless righteousness (see Revelation 7:9,10) which is fully able to cover our darkest sins when we confess them, repent of them, and lay them at His feet. 

God is good! Keep looking up!

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