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Protestors Storm US Capitol. USA in Bible Prophecy


I assume you are aware of today’s top news story. Headlines reported: “Capitol Chaos…Guns drawn on the House Floor…shots fired…lawmakers evacuated.”

Violent clashes erupting against police, the smell of tear gas, and the sounds of flash grenades filled the air. As I have watched these shocking events from my quiet home in north Idaho, I realize that there are deep, underlying issues that have prompted them. Nevertheless, these Bible verses come have come to my mind:

“The nations were angry.” Revelation 11:18
“In the last days, perilous times shall come.” 2 Timothy 3:1
“Lawlessness shall increase.” Matthew 24:12

Just to be clear. I see these Bible verses applying to people across the political spectrum, whether Left, Right, Progressive, Radical, Antifa, or Proud Boys. To me, there is no excuse for violence against others, or for breaking the law, or for the destruction of property, no matter what one’s political persuasion. Today’s events are just another window into the crisis times we live in, and to what is coming. And once again, events in the US are being watched around the world. Recently I was interviewed by Ryan Johnson, host of The Blacksmith Chronicles, about the role of America in Bible prophecy. The Lord really blessed that interview, so I decided to share it with you. To watch it, just click the picture below. 

Many have been deeply frightened as they have witnessed today’s events, and they are afraid of the future. Yes, today’s events are shocking, and there will be many more difficulties in the future, but we don’t need to be afraid. Here is God’s promise to us, which applies now, and in the days ahead:

God is our refuge and strength, 
a very present help in time of trouble.
Therefore we will not fear. 
Psalm 46:1,2

I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ (see Hebrews 12;2), to keep your life centered in Him and in His Word (John 8:31), and by His grace, to keep the Ten Commandments (see Revelation 14:12). Jesus will help us in these difficult days. 


  1. This terrible assault today on the Capitol was not the work of Donald Trump’s
    people but as you assumed rightly, it was the work of Antifa. If you will go to
    the Victory Channel on Jan. 6 news you will find the story and a picture that
    Antifa took, I think a few years ago, and at least one of the men who was pictured was in the Capitol today. The proof was it had their own organization, Antifa, inscribed on the picture. Donald Trump’s people are a far cry from that organization. Now Donald Trump is blamed for this whole unfortunate riot. I have never in my lifetime seen any man so persecuted so underserving. But it has made me understand better what we are soon to be up against and nothing but the defense of God will see us through.

    1. I agree. We had BLM riots that were called “mostly peaceful protests” even though businesses were burned and citizens WERE killed. Seattle is in an upheaval and is not covered on national news anymore. Portland, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and many more cities have had riots in 2020 and will probably continue. Chicago is plagued with multiple weekly violence and murders and has been for years. Police free zones are urged and allows lawlessness. Climate Sunday is being pushed and will probably be implemented in the USA under the guise of climate change soon as The Great Reset will be carried out as well. Those who stand for right are hated and persecuted. We are living in the last days. And yes, I now better understand what Sabbath keeping Christians will face by observing how President Trump is being treated. The sad thing is that my many of my local SDA brothers and sisters are quick to label him based on what the reporters are saying and want him to be imprisoned. They can’t give any examples of why they despise him except “someone said”. The same reporters will soon smear Sabbath keepers as well. We need to open our eyes and take a deep look at what is happening in the USA and how fast it is happening.

      1. Agree. Feel exactly the same. Also the crime in our country is at an all time high. The liberal judges and lawmakers turn a blind eye to lawless behavior rt our border even though it greatly endangers our country and also it’s wrong. We as a nation should have care and pity on people from the countries below us but we should never encourage wrong doing or make excuses for it. The culture below us with its drug dealing money making empire is overtaking this country which brings gangs, trafficking and all kinds of bad things. I’m in a state near the border for a time. I see it. While we have wonderful law abiding good and kind immigrants we also have the others. I see it on my street. The criminal types don’t care and they don’t all look like illegal people they look like church people or any of the rest of us yet they are organizing crime and illicit behavior for profit. Using street gangs and youth for transport. Shootings and rival gangs all right here in America. And instead of focusing on this the left focus on impeaching a very soon to be outgoing president they belittled, mocked, slandered and unjustly accused for four solid years with the false media propaganda to go with it. No one says Trump is a perfect man. We all have our personalities but so did each and every Bible character and the only humans I know worthy of direct translation to heaven was Enoch and Elijah and then Moses taken after he had to die. What we are seeing right now in America is to me almost unbelievable even though we knew it would happen I never could possibly have imagined it would become this widely blind and corrupt. I’m going to wean myself from reading the news much bc it is distracting from where focus should be, wasting precious time and only gets me upset. Satan is creating a distraction and we don’t want to be lost and overly caught up in it. As it is the internet is addictive. Maybe it is for our own good they are shutting down conservative voices.

    2. Totally agree lilly, and I believe this is the time to get even closer to God more than ever. I have been attempting to turn to the bible more than I do the news. Voices are being silence like I have never seen before and the populations will be more influenced by one sided arguments. Our our only hope is in Jesus.

  2. sorry that the stone throwers would blame president trump instead of themselves who are largely to blame for their failure to do their job and live upright and honest lives. there was widespread obvious lies and cheating no different than a venezuelan coup. it is disgusting what these leaders have done for the so called “good of the country” just like we saw in Christs time when everyone turned against the perfect son of God.
    I like president trump. he is an upright man no different than many such as King
    David or others. He has been maligned and unjustly abused and judged far too harshly and most times falsely like any reformer before him.
    “The inhumanity of man toward man is our greatest sin.” Ellen G. White, 1895.
    ” For I will show him how many things he must suffer for My name’s sake.” acts 9:16
    “And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.” luke 8:13
    president trump has been mis treated. we will never know who or what could have made a difference to be his friend. our church there in DC who could have witnessed to him and i sure hope someone has handed him the book “the great controversy”.
    i pray for the man to have strenght and that he will someday be in heaven. he has a heart for God and right despite what they say about him. it seems all hell is against him which usually only happens to someone who actually stands for something other than mediocrity.

  3. I totally agree with all of these comments. I feel President Trump has been persecuted much
    like Jesus was in the Bible. Though he has sinned, Jesus NEVER sinned. Yet, there is many
    false accusations against him. I pray for the man and his family, to remain strong!
    We are told in Scripture of the “lawlessness” to come. WE to must remain Strong and lean
    upon the Lord Jesus, who is our “refuge & strength”. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart
    and lean NOT unto your own understanding. Pray for your enemies, of which there are
    many at this time! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
    I have the last book you wrote and will order “Bloody Woman & Beast”. Thank you for sending
    the warning to ALL who will heed it!

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