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The Vanishing Protestant – DVD


This power-packed DVD explains the reasons for the Protestant Reformation, and how so-called “Protestants” today have lost their knowledge of history.


Product Description

Nearly 500 years ago, a Catholic monk named Martin Luther protested against church teachings and corruptions that had not only infected Christianity, but which were leading away from the infinite blessings of salvation through simple faith in Jesus Christ alone. Luther’s courageous stand for Bible truth helped ignite the Protestant Reformation which altered the course of history. Today, the protest seems over. How else can one explain so many so-called Protestants seeking ecumenical solidarity with the Pope? Great for sharing!

Format: 30-minute DVD

**Note: This title will be duplicated on demand.


Weight and Dimensions

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4.88 × 0.19 in


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