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The Great Controversy: Past, Present, Future (Illustrated Edition)


The complete 1911 version of The Great Controversy with pictures throughout and easy-to-read text. Available in red and blue hardcovers.


Product Description

Every day we see prophecy fulfilled before our very eyes. Who knew churches would be closed with the stroke of the pen? Who knew so many mandates would happen in rapid succession? Things are winding down in Earth’s history at an alarmingly accelerated pace. People are scared of the events that surround them these days. They know something unusual is happening, but they are afraid because they just don’t understand. Fear of the unknown debilitates so many.

The Great Controversy pulls back the curtain on the past, present, and future. Even in the midst of this chaotic world, we can see God’s hand at work, allowing the end-time events to move forward to completion. E. G. White was anxious to see this book widely circulated (see Colporteur Ministry, 127) because of its powerful warning to the world. We need not be frightened because God has given us everything we need to know for this time. Comprehending this truth will cause the fear to vanish.

In this beautifully crafted, hardcover edition, you’ll find exquisite illustrations and a ribbon marker. Not only will it elegantly grace any library shelf or mantle, but its message also will resonate in the depths of hearts. Do not let the covers of this magnificent writing remain closed. Cherish the significance of its words.

We must give this precious book while we still can. We do not have much time before the book will be considered hate speech. We will be banned from distribution of any kind. If there ever was a time to get serious about placing The Great Controversy in the hands of those you love, it is NOW. This volume makes an excellent gift for them.

Format: Hardcover book with ribbon marker. 576 pages.


Weight and Dimensions

Weight 32.5 oz
Dimensions 9.25 × 6.25 × 1.15 in



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